Thursday, 2 February 2017

I Dear My Students A Lot.


Whenever I mad at my 1 Ibnu Kathir students, right after I went back home, I'll burst out into tears. I realize the fact that I have so much flaws as their class teacher. I didn't get myself close to them as much as they wanted me to do so.

They are still new about this secondary high school. Not so much different with me as well.

From the very beginning of the class session, I already show up my fierceness towards them. I mad at them a lot, I strictly said what do's and dont's during in my class. And that's somehow put me further away from them.

I tried to be a good teacher. But I don't think I struggle it enough for them all. I want the good teacher title just to show to the other teachers and students that I'm that capable way of to. Not for the sake of my class students at all!!

Until today, I just realize that how I treat them all this while in this past a month, are actually hurt them too much. -Being too strict and fierce wouldn't make the students fall for you anyway.-They have the feelings that I didn't love them as much as the way I did to the students from another classes.

Dear 1 IBK 2017 Students, cikgu love you no matter what happen, cikgu will always care for you, for your personal wellbeing and your academic at school and in our classroom. InshaAllah I'll overcome my weaknesses and correct my mistake so that you'll feel loved at this school. I'll be the best teacher and mother for all of you here as much as I can.

O Allah, please forgive my sins towards them, and please guide me so that I can guide them sincerely from the bottom of my heart. I love all of you. All 32 of you.

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